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prototype anti-gravity shoes (foto: ap)

Anti-Gravity Achieved!

Experiments yield the very first anti-gravity shoes

Experiments in 1992 seemed to show that gravity could be shielded or modified with a superconductor.  This experiment, by Eugene Podkletnov, at Alien's University of Technology, apparently displayed the reduction in the weight of objects placed above a levitating, rotating high Tc superconducting disk, exposed to high frequency magnetic fields.

In fact, there are so many known ways in which strong electric and magnetic fields can exert strong forces on nearby objects, that scientists wonder how they haven't discovered this much earlier.

Because these claims have such far-reaching implications, a number of different groups are conducting experiments to reproduce the effect.  The highest profile attempt to reproduce Podkletnov's experiment is underway by a team at Alien City's Space Flight Center; Their preliminary report indicates that the effect does indeed exist. Prototypes of the first anti-gravity running shoes are now underway! The Alien City Olympics commity are currently in debate about the prohibition of such running attire.

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