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September 1st - 9th, 1999
Linz, Upper Austria, O.K Center of Contemporary Arts

During ARS ELECTRONICA 99 was part of Kunstradio's SOUND DRIFTING project. "Sound Drifting: I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro" was an interdependent temporary system of 16 international remote sub-projects (of which ALIEN CITY was one), which used a wide range of methods and approaches to the generation, processing and presentation of data/sounds/images to form a nine-day long continuous on line - on site - on air sound installation.


During the nine days of SOUND DRIFTING every user's access to ALIEN CITY generated "Feedback Agents": parasitical-symbiotic objects on the user's computers. They merged the personal data with the city's soundscape to which the users were listening and delivered these packages as sound objects to the SOUND DRIFTING installation on site in the mediadeck of O.K Center of Contemporary Arts in Linz. There a generative system - the "Sound Drifter", created by Winfried Ritsch - grabbed the sound objects, spatialized them and mixed it with the sound events coming from the other venues.


ALIEN CITY was further represented in the installation by displaying a continuous audio stream on one of the loudspeakers integrated in colored panels. In addition the Alien City webcam was displayed continuously on a monitor mounted on the ceiling of the mediadeck. From time to time another generative system grabbed a part of the global mix in the space and merged it with the on-going ALIEN CITY soundscape - thus creating a very discrete feedback loop between the virtual city and a real space.


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