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August 4, 2000 / 20:00 - 22:00 CEST
Judenburg, Styria, A
LIQUID MUSIC / stadtsignaturen

This time ALIEN CITY was an on-site manifestation as performance - installation on the special occasion of LIQUID MUSIC 2000. LIQUID MUSIC is a media art project, which has manifested itself since 1998 in form of 3 day's festivals in the small Styrian town Judenburg, initiated and curated by Heimo Ranzenbacher. This year's theme was "stadtsignaturen". Judenburg was not only the space of realization but also object of artistic research beforehand.


In a first step the town Judenburg was documented - visually as well as aurally - and morphed with ALIEN CITY. Panorama shots were integrated into the webcam sequence which was projected on site in the Gewölbekeller on a huge screen. alien productions performed an additional live mix of sounds from ALIEN CITY and Judenburg - thus creating the sequence of one entire day in the life of the newly emerging virtual city.


All events on site influenced in return the virtual city in the net. The visitors of the performance had the chance to become virtual residents of ALIEN CITY: Stepping close to the projection screen their images were taken by a surveillance cam and morphed into the cityscape. After 20 minutes this new generated scenery appeared on the screen - so that visitors could watch their movements time-delayed and react on them - again being in focus of the surveillance cam. And everyone whose picture was taken is living on a second (virtual) live - in ALIEN CITY...

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