A Biofeedback-Installation by Alien Productions

 A multi-functional finger sensor transmits the pulse frequency and skin resistance of a person to a computer-aided biofeedback instrument - called Medat. These physical data are converted into a MIDI-data stream, which can be used to control a wide range of machine-generated aesthetical events - such as sound, lighting, projections and digital images. The ability to concentrate and relax influences the state of the human body, and thus changes permanently the calculated results of sound-, lighting- and imageprocessing. In other words: Every user of the biofeedback-installation can control the condition of the space she/he is surrounded by. The space reflects her/his inner state, the environment becomes a virtual mirror of a person's tension - and the human being an interface between space and computer.

 The development of computer-aided biofeedback instruments has put a new dimension to the research of man-machine-interface technology. Computer-aided biofeedback allowed the direct access to a person's physical data - thus leaving the earlier concepts of analogue transformations (amplification and/or kinetic sensorium) far behind.

 Biofeedback was developped for therapeutical aims to improve the ability to concentrate and relax. Using different sensors the Medat enables us to measure directly various physical data, which are converted into MIDI-instructions. During therapy they generate simple animations and diagrams on monitors, which function as realtime feedback to the patient.

 In an artistic point of view the Medat is an instrument, which everyone can use to change any MIDI-controlled setting (e.g. sound, light, projection, ...) only by means of concentration and relaxation. Out of an introverted process an extroverted event evolves, which influences again the physical state of a person - and is so the trigger for a new event (feedback-loop). The environment can be influenced by anybody, the sound/light/projectionspace can be played like an instrument.

  AUTOGEGULATIVE SPACES combines the biofeedback-instrument with the technology of physical modelling (in the realm of sound) and of VR-data projection (in the realm of image) - both realtime-controlled. The whole space changes into a virtual visual-acoustic instrument, played by heartbeat and skin resistance of the public.


AUTOREGULATIVE SPACES is realised with the kind support of