A toaster that gossips with the dishwasher while the coffee machine chit chats with a visitor? A washing machine that tells you if the laundry is still not dry or that you can put in a new load? A refrigerator that warns you when the milk has gone sour, or that you should go shopping for groceries, or gives you cooking recipes on how you can make a full course meal with the remaining food items? A television that notifies you with subtitles if the door is ajar?

No Problem!

We from ALIEN PRODUCTIONS are pleased to be able present to you EMBEDDED SYSTEMS TM - the first fully automated household. Our appliances can do it all, everything you would expect - and more! We have molded intelligance into our products. No dumb brooding stovetop fans in your house, no senseless mubling vacuum cleaner. Your hair dryer could pass high education standards - with flying colors!

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS TM - Smart Appliances! So clever, that Einstein himself would go pale with envy!

And, if you are not at home, our appliances are not inactive. Our microwave chats with its colleagues - blenders and dryers - about its experience at work or what there might be to do next. The mixer contributes suggestions for better living and your telephone calls you if you are needed - if that, however, would be the case.

ALIEN PRODUCTIONS Intelligence design: the intellectual transparency and coherent communication of our appliances will give your life a new dimension. A new homey surrounding that makes being single irrelevant - YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE.