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t r a n s f o r m

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ERINNERUNGSWELLEN is a multi-layered compositional project which revolves around a database of statements, interviews and other acoustic imprints of so-called "older people", and a temporally limited performance in the public space.
during the radiorevolten festival, the database is accessible to anyone who wants to make a contribution, also through an interview station on the main square (input).
additionally, mixes and collages, one´s own versions, features and sound art can be created from the input files (transform).
on october 21st , 2006, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., similar to a church bell signal, selections from the verbal contributions combined with musical miniatures by rupert huber will be heard every 9th minute. for this pupose a loudspeaker system will be mounted on the red tower. furthermore, on the same day, following a score by rupert huber, people carrying mobile phones will contribute to the composed sound of the city through ring tones from the erinnerungswellen archive.
there will also be features and live reports on radio corax. a concert by rupert huber and norbert math concludes the physical component of erinnerungswellen (output).