7.861 http requests on the GATEways homepage (not counting the webcam) were counted and successfully delivered during the live event.
ca. 63.000 requests were counted during the event, if the webcams are included in the count.
ca. 1.500 different clients were watching the GATEways homepage during the event.
ca. 1,5 Gigabytes of data were downloaded from the GATEways Hompage during the event.
40 % more hits on the B2-92 website - one of the most listened-to internet broadcaster in the world - during their participation in GATEways.
33 Countries from which the internet visitors came to the GATEways site: Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, Finnland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Israel, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Argentinia, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Singapur, Iceland, San Marino, Slovakia, Estonia and Denmark.
ca. 20 hours that GATEways was live on terrestrial Radio on radio stations in 4 countries on 2 continents.
564 E-Mails were traded between the participating artists.
at least 90 artists in 6 cities in 5 countries on 3 continents were participating in GATEways, besides a number of technicians and organisors.
at least 1.100 working hours between the participating artists were completed during the live event. (not including planning, preperation and rehearsing.)