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Alien City, our entirely virtual city in cyberspace, is on the move again. It has found a new, transitory home: a [ m o b i l e : h o m e ] - in the 3G-network of cell-phones of the latest generation. City views and sounds can be downloaded as video-clips onto every 3-Mobile. Alien City is coming to you, wherever you are at this very moment.

But you are able to become resident of Alien City in return: All 3G-users are invited to record video-clips of themselves in their very environment, using the cameras which are integrated in the 3-Mobiles, and to send them per e-mail to [ m o b i l e : h o m e ].

These clips are blended automatically into the existing city views, thus changing the hybrid state of the city. Permanent re-combinations of the initial material and the video-messages sent by the users of the 3G-network will lead to a "meeting" on this platform - an assembly of people actually using (and thus being part of) the new technologies the platform provides us with. The meeting takes place in the virtual frame of Alien City which alters, changes and again floats into a new direction...

A project at the occasion of Virtual Frame by KUNSTHALLE wien in co-operation with 3.

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