KUNSTHALLE TIROL, Hall in Tirol, Austria
15. July - 15. August 1994
Curator: Heidi Grundmann
A TRANSIT project

ZEITGLEICH was an exhibition of sound installations in the ancient salt warehouse in Hall-in-Tirol. Green Light, consisting of 100 fluorescent lamps and 2 loudspeakers, was installed in the cellar. The exhibition included works by Ros Bandt, John Blake, Andres Boshard, Bill Fontana, Matt Heckert, Concha Jerez/Josè Iges, Bernhard Loibner, Helmut Mark, Roberto Paci Daló, Sodomka/Breindl/Math, Gerfried Stocker/Horst Hörtner, Stoph Sauter and Lawrence Weiner.