Diagram of the adaptation of the RADIATION installation showing the structure of the feedback loops incorporating vhf radio,
short wave radio and internet -- designed by Norbert Math & Robert Adrian for the KUNSTRADIO broadcast, 27 January 2002.

For the KUNSTRADIO broadcast the Zagreb installation (shown in red and blue) is expanded to include 4 microphones, a mixing desk, a computer for MP3 encoding and an internet connection.
  • The four microphones are placed on stands in front of the loudspeakers.
  • The signals from the microphones are fed into the mixing desk for Norbert Math to mix and encode them as an MP3 stream for the internet.
  • In Vienna the MP3 stream from Zagreb is fed into the mixing desk in ORF studio RP4 for Gerhard Wieser to make the broadcast version, mixing the Zagreb stream with the original material ("La Radia" by Marinetti and Masnata converted to Morse code).
  • The Vienna mix is broadcast in stereo over VHF on ORF Österreich 1, in mono over short wave on Radio Austria International and re-encoded as RealAudio for Kunstradio On Line where it can be accessed from the Kunstradio home page.
  • The short wave signal from Radio Austria International is received in Zagreb by at least one of the radios in the installation and played over the loudspeakers where it is picked up by the microphones and recycled through the system.

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