live installation:
CULTURE CONTROL was a work in the exhibition "Robert Adrian X" that took place in hall II of the KunsthHalle Wien, December 6, 2001 - February 10, 2002.

6 surveillance cameras were mounted in the exhibition space and the live pictures from the cameras were displayed on 6 monitors installed in the foyer at the entrance to the exhibition.

The KUNSTHALLE WIEN is one of 3 new buildings located in the recently opened "Museumsquartier" (MQ). The entire complex (originally the barracks and parade ground of the imperial horse guards) is controlled by a surveillance system connected by fibre-optic cable to a central surveillance chamber. Because images from the 4 pemanent cameras in the space can only be viewed in the central control room, 6 new cameras were mounted on the ceiling for CULTURE CONTROL.