E.A.R. - Wolfgang Temmel / Norbert Math

The Judenburg Project (2000)

Link to this page: http://alien.mur.at/sound/judenburgproject

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Remix of a live performance in Judenburg, Austria at the festival "liquid music"
The material for the piece exclusively consists of sounds recorded in the city of Judenburg during one summer day from midnight to midnight. The result is an acoustic 24 hours' portrait of everyday city life, re-composed and condensed to a 20 minutes' piece.

"Although everyday life acoustics are not perceived as interactive medium, every human contributes with everything that she or he is doing to a huge 'Everyday Symphony'. While writing this text on the keyboard I produce noises, I listen to music on the radio, the door to the room in which I am stands open and from the outside sounds of passing cars come in, along with voices and steps from the neighbourhood. I close the door. Never nothing is heard. If it is quiet around, one hears him or herself, the pulse, the breathing ..." Wolfgang Temmel

first performed: August 3rd, 2000, Judenburg, A, at the festival "liquid music"