Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka

Ungefähre Wirklichkeit (1991)

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Remixed radio art piece of the performance "Frozen Moments"

"Radio(art) is narrated space in relative time, transmitted into absolute time."
Andrea Sodomka

1. The LAYERS of "Frozen Moments": SPACE - TIME - NARRATION.

Every layer contains all other layers in their specific form:
the real space / the transmission space / the narrated space
(between reality and virtuality)
the real time / the time of transmission / the narrated time
(between absolute time and relative time)
the spoken word / the word transmitted into space and time / the word manipulated
by space and time
(between signification and manipulation)

a system, endlessly divisible


A freeze is made possible only by preceding movement. The very moment of freeze (FreezeFrame) is cut out of linear movement of time, thus leaving an error in narrated (but not in absolute) time. This lack of time is balanced by a stretch on another layer.


Word, noise, sound in their space&timebased narration between lacks, errors, non-existence and compensation. Structured by the Fibonacci formula.

produced at the ORF / Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
sound engineer: Gerhard Wieser
first broadcasted: July 17th, 1991, ORF Ö1 Studio Neuer Musik