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Am 21. September 2001 um 18:00 h materialisierte Alien City im Brahmsfoyer der musikhalle hamburg beim hamburger musikfest mit der Performance "Dialog zweier Passanten in der Menge", übergehend in eine Installation, die um 24:00 h endete.

Die Performance wurde in einem Webcast live übertragen, der hier dokumentiert ist.

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On Sept. 21st, 2001, 18:00 (CEST) Alien City materialised in the Brahmsfoyer of the musikhalle hamburg on the occasion of the hamburger musikfest. The performance "Dialogue of Two Passersby Meeting in the Crowd" was followed by an installation which ended at 24:00.

The performance was webcasted live. This is the documentation of the webcast.

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Alien City / A Dialogue of Two Passersby Meeting in the Crowd (Hamburg version) -

created by
alien productions (Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka)

August Black (webart)
coral-x, voicepearl (performance)
Florian Prix (sounddesign, technical director)
Peter Pessl (text)
Andreas Unterpertinger (projection design)
Magdalena Vetter (artistic assistance)

August Black, Isabella Bordoni, Magdalena Vetter

organised by:
hamburger musikfest - Olaf Stötzler

technical setup:
Fa. Dekom, Hamburg, GER

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