The Half-Life of Art

An installation for the 1,000,041st anniversary of Art's Birthday, Jan. 17th, 2004. A project commissioned by Kunstradio

In 1963 Robert Filliou asserted that 1,000,000 years ago, there was no art. But one day, on the 17th of January to be precise, Art was born when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water.

Robert Filliou

Robert Filliou

Now it is time to think about the half-life of Art. For this year's anniversary alien productions re-installed this very first piece of Art using a sponge soaked with phosphorescent (thus radioactive) paint. A light-bulb - triggered by the "scrambled bites server" - activates both: the glow of the paint and the radioactive emission. A Geiger-Mueller counter is measuring the radioactivity and streaming it's sound into the network.

Half-Life sketch

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After art's birthday party the installation was enclosed into a lead closet, from where it will stream it's after-glow for the next 1,000,041 years...

The installation was taken out of the closet again on the occasion of a solo show at the Galeria Sztuki Wozownia in Torun, PL from october 7th to 23th, 2005. This time, the emanating radiation was measured by a photomultiplier which was kindly supported by the Institute of quantum optics and quantum information, IQOQI, Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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