In Bosco al Lupo

site specific sound installation, 2013

"In Bosco al Lupo" is a site specific sound installation produced in and dedicated to the 2013 edition of the "Stazione di Topolò". Somewhere in the woods surrounding the village, little sound emmiters are layed out occasionaly playing different sound bits at nighttime. Visitors are invited to walk to the installation place in the night.

This special situation of being alone outside in the wood puts the visitor in a special state of alertness leaving the security and self confidence of being in man-made surroundings behind. Sounds may become alarming, like being originated by animals or some other people being after you - or maybe sudden silence might become even more alarming.

My sporadically generated artificial sounds are not the only acoustic events the visitor will hear. Sounds from nightly active animals or upcoming winds become equally important parts of this acoustic installation.

My work is dedicacated to the wolves who at times crossing the border from Slovenia immigrate to Italy ignoring the state borders. The presence of these shy animals can be tracked by so called "Wolf Howling Systems": the wolves respond tho the howling of wolves which is played at nighttime by sound systems.

Norbert Math

Stazione di Topoló 2013 | program 2013 (.doc)