planetary network
a telecommunications project for the venice biennale XLII, 1986

Photo shows laboratorio ubigua in the centre of the Corderie, a ca. 900 meter long space originally built as a rope-making factory.

PLANETARY NETWORK was a world-wide telecommunications project in the context of LABORATORIO UBIQUA, the Technology and Informatics section of the 42nd Venice Biennale.
For the first 2 weeks of the Biennale, 24 locations around the world contributed to a daily program of exchanges using fax, slow scan TV and computer communications (email and conference). For the rest of the period of the Biennale free user accounts were provided by the I.P.Sharp computer-timesharing network for continuous on-line discussion using ARTEX and Confer.

  p h o t o g r a p h s

curators: roy ascott, don foresta, tom sherman, tommaso trini
network organisation & coordination: robert adrian
fax installation: maria grazia mattei
slow scan tv operation: jean rené bader

network locations:
alma, canada / atlanta, u.s.a. / boston, u.s.a. / chicago, u.s.a. / honolulu, u.s.a. / milan, italy / nice, france / paris, france(2) / perth, australia / pittsburgh, u.s.a. / gwent, u.k. / rennes, france / san francisco, u.s.a.(2) / santa monica, u.s.a. / sydney, australia / toronto, canada(3) / vancouver, canada / venice, italy / vienna, austria.