Andrea Sodomka

Intimate Space (2009)

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The poetry of transmission
Definition: Intimate Space is the area around a human body, about an arm's length, in which one is comfortable with loved ones and close friends

A story about distance, communication and intimacy.

Radio art today appears in numerous, hybrid forms: sound installations, mobile phone-performances, Mini-FM-transmitter-installations, satellite-concerts, internetradio-pieces, podcasts....

Radio pieces are projected into so many different environments: your home, garden, car, trains,... Many of them into mobile situations.

When Im listening to podcasts on my iPod, transmitted by a minimal distance transmitter in my car, it doesn't matter where I am, or when I'm listening. Radio creates a mapping between time and space, transforming an acoustical geometry into a spatial geometry.

In this extended transmission-space I use radio like an instrument:
A transmitter might be triggered by a guitar, or a telephone call, or a robot- voice from my netbook.
Intimate spaces and public realms are connected via mobile sound communication devices.

My home is where my communication tools are.

(Andrea Sodomka, 2009)

Sound engineer: Anton Reininger
Interview editing: Anna Kuncio
Voice: August Black
Accordion: Heidelinde Gratzl
Electric Guitar: Helmut Jasbar
with a sound-donation by Daniel Lercher