Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka / x-space [Gerfried Stocker, Horst Hörtner]

State of Transition (1994)

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Telematic live radio internet event: Neue Galerie Graz, A - V2 Rotterdam, NL - Internet - ORF Kunstradio
A live-performance about migration played by artists in V2 Rotterdam, NL and Neue Galerie in Graz, A, utilizing various types of telematic connections (Standard Ponelines, MIDI-Datalines, Videophones, ISDN, Internet, High Quality Radiolines), thus providing high level communication between the artists in Rotterdam and Graz.

State of Transition was simultaneously performed by: Gerfried Stocker, Martin Schitter, Joel Ryand and Dirk Haubrich in Rotterdam (NL) and: Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Norbert Math and Wolfgang Reinisch in Graz (A). Network Design: Horst Hörtner. The performance was broadcasted live on air at ORF-Kunstradio (A).

State of Transition also was one of the first (if not the very first) live-events which provided open interactive access for users via the Internet. Navigating through the web-pages users could select the sounds to be used in the live performance. Each page was linked with a certain track of an audio-CD specially produced for this event. So if users selected a page they started the corresponding track of the CD. With every access to the server, a traceroute routine was started automatically, analyzing the route of the users' connections. This information was mapped into MIDI-commands controlling the soundsamplers. Thus each machine involved in the users' link to our server got an "acoustical signation". This traces of the network activities was "mapped" on a 12-channel audio system. The result was an acoustical map of the electronic space which constitutes out of the users' interactivity - which could be heard on site and via the terrestrial live broadcast.

produced by ORF Kunstradio, Neue Galerie Graz, A, V2 Rotterdam, NL
sound engineer: Harald Domitner
first broadcasted on Nov. 10th, 1994, ORF Ö1 Kunstradio-Radiokunst