Andrea Sodomka

Zeitschatten. Eine Diaphonie (1997)

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Released on CD "Musik aus Österreich", mica, LC 7918
"Diaphonie means the mixture of two signals, which originate from different transmission channels and should actually be separated from one another: e. g. crosstalk on the telephone or conversation in an adjacent room." Abraham A. Moles

"Timeshadow" is a composition for the CD "Musik aus Österreich", an anthology of Austrian music from the Middle Ages to present time. It consists of tiny particles of several pieces by Austrian composers, which are all presented on the same CD. These particles are not used as quotations but as material in the sense of sampling art.

Particles from following pieces were used for "Timeshadow":

Josef Strauß, "Dorfschwalben aus Österreich"
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, "Credentials"
György Ligeti, "Le Grand Macabre"
Paul Hofhaimer, "Recordare"
Carmina Burana, "Nomen a sollemmpnibus"
Johann Strauß, "Brüderlein und Schwesterlein"

produced at the artist's studio, Vienna
sound engineers: Norbert Math, Georg Mittermayer