Recycling Machine (2022)
by Andrea Sodomka

When I Open My Window (2020)
by Andrea Sodomka & Felix

Biochemische Tischmusik: Fett-Suite (2012)
by alien productions

IMAge-to-poem Service (2019)
by Norbert Math

Pansen Suite#1 (2017)
by Andrea Sodomka

The Concept of Things (2017)
by Andrea Sodomka

Die Battistini-Methode (2014)
by Norbert Math

Intimate Space (2009)
by Andrea Sodomka

Vapor Trails of Europe (2010)
by alien productions

Diagramm#1 (2013)
by Andrea Sodomka

The Well-Tempered Kitchen, Heat-Up Ratatouille (2004)
by alien productions (Breindl/Sodomka/Math), Steve Bradley

Bersaglio (1993)
by Norbert Math

Schlafradio (1993)
by Norbert Math

BOTsonata, 1st movement (Rondo) (1999)
by alien productions - Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka

Carrot Chewing (2005)
by Steve Bradley and Martin Breindl

Distanz (1991)
by Andrea Sodomka

Famous/Glamorous (2001)
by Martin Breindl

GATEways (2000)
by alien productions - Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka / August Black

Hypothetical Hawaii (2008)
by Norbert Math

XT (2007)
by alien productions and Machfeld

Memory Loop (2000)
by alien productions - performed by Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka

Minimal Revolution (2009)
by Andrea Sodomka

Radiation (2002)
by Robert Adrian and Norbert Math

Reflexion (2000)
by Andrea Sodomka

Shadows of the Mind (2000)
by Andrea Sodomka

State of Transition (1994)
by Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka / x-space [Gerfried Stocker, Horst Hörtner]

The Judenburg Project (2000)
by E.A.R. - Wolfgang Temmel / Norbert Math

Tempest (2001)
by tempest - Norbert Math / Ludwig Zeininger

Tempo Comresso / Spazio Sospeso (1993)
by Martin Breindl and Andrea Sodomka

Ungefähre Wirklichkeit (1991)
by Martin Breindl / Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka

Wortstaub Partikelwelt (1999)
by alien productions

Zeitschatten. Eine Diaphonie (1997)
by Andrea Sodomka