V a p o r   T r a i l s   o f   E u r o p e

In 2011, as alien productions' contribution to the project mur.sat, a condensate of current European sound culture will go to travel. For several weeks a TubeSatellite will be circling in orbit; our sound condensate will be on board, which will be disseminated all over the earth.

The artists of alien productions will produce this acoustic condensate live in Studio 3 of the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna on the occasion of the Euroradio Ars Acustica Concert Series on 7 December 2010 - from fragments of typical European sound culture.

You too can participate in this project by proposing a sound, a piece of music or sonic art, a language, a speech or any acoustic event, representing in your opinion the typical "European" culture. Your proposals together with other sounds will be processed for the acoustic condensate, which then is sent to its orbital flight.