street (e)scape - SOUNDS

Four pieces from street(e)scape, provided by Andrew Garton for the GATEways project:

NAPIER STREET - Recorded on Napier Street, Fitzroy, opposite one of the many State Government funded housing estates in Melbourne. - listen(32kB) - download

TIAMO SOUNDSCAPE - Interior sounds from popular Italian run café, Tiamo's, on Lygon Street, Carlton. - listen(32kB) - download

MAUREEN HARTLEY - Interview with La Mama Theatre publicist, Maureen Hartley. Covering history of the theatre and the role it plays in the local community. La Mama is situation in Carlton, Melbourne. - listen(32kB) - download

PAUL ELLIOT - Interview with Paul Elliot, founder of the popular, underground book, magazine and zine store, Polyester. Covering brief history of Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, passersby, Smith Street observations and the Law. - listen(32kB) - download