Background Locations
GATEways is a topographical project dealing with space in which various cultures go through a change of location.

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On Site
Siebenbrunnenplatz, Vienna: On the 21st of March, For one entire day, from sunup to sundown...
Take a tour.
Melbourne, Australia

Beograd, Jugoslavija

Wien, Österreich

Erfurt / Weimar, Deutschland

Vancouver, Canada

On Line
The World Wide Web will serve as a stage for the entire event...
On Air
The radio transmission forms a further level of the overall event in scuptural thought...
Sunday 19 March 23:00-24:00,Ö1
March 21, 2000 - LIVE event  
Time Zones
Information about participating locations.
Web Cams
live images from Siebenbrunnenplatz, Vienna and other locations.
Sound Material
mp3 and real audio links coming from various parts of the globe.

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last updated: August 24, 2000
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