permanent sound sculpture by Andrea Sodomka / Martin Breindl


Performing Utopia

Utopian Opera for AI



sound installations for animals


Social Wirtshaus Web

Social Wirtshaus Web.


Essen mit Tieren

Dinner with Animals.



Series of installations and performances. Work in progress


Perpetuum Mobile | Airwaves

Closed-Circuit installation providing endless energy


Vapor Trails of Europe

alien productions' contribution to the project mur.sat



Acoustic land art in the vineyard.


Art's Birthday

alien.productions presents for Art.


Das Schnelle Wort | Fast Word

Documentation and online walks in techno-territories.


Der Gedankenprojektor

Inspired by a vision of Nikola Tesla, we investigate the possibility to read people's thought out of their retinas.



The roll engraving establishment in Guntramsdorf near Vienna is a perfectly preserved manufacture just as it was at the beginning of the 20th Century and is unique in western Europe. In occasion of the Viertelfestival 2007, alien productions made a live performance and a permanent video installation featuring interviews with former workers of the manufacture.


The Well-Tempered Kitchen

A series of live acoustic cooking-performances. The noises of chopping, frying and boiling refined and spiced by live-electroacoustic means. A well sounding, smelling and tasty piece!



An installation, a live-event and a radio-art-work. In and on the space where all these took place: the former "Eybl"-weaving mill - now called "Factory" in Krems-Stein, A. The history and the stories about the progress of technology - starting with the Jacquard-loom - and about the effects on the daily working environment of people. Organised by Artothek Nö.



A project on air - on line - on site on the occasion of anti-racism day 2000: a reflexion of the changes in cultures in the dimensions of time and space. GATEways also examines various spaces as to their potential of being gateways between cultures - and is thus a reflexion of the permeability of the media themselves.


Autoregulative Räume | Autoregulative Spaces

Works with biofeedback technology in an enviromental context. Every user of these biofeedback environments can control the condition of space s/he is surrounded by - only by means of concentration and relaxation. A combination of microsensor technology and adaptive measuring techniques with realtime-controlled sound and image projection.


Embedded Systems

The household of the future! A series of works about smart household appliances, revealing the secret life and desires of our blenders, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. Observe their communication, listen to their gossip! You'll never believe what's going on in your kitchen, when you're not at home..


Historical Websites

Our online-museum, notably the home of State of Transition, one of the world's first online art projects ever! So, unpack yer olde Mosaic and enter if you dare ...


[ m o b i l e : h o m e ]

Alien City, our entirely virtual city in cyberspace, is on the move again. It has found a new, transitory home: a [ m o b i l e : h o m e ] - in the 3G-network of cell-phones of the latest generation. City views and sounds can be downloaded as video-clips onto every 3-Mobile. Alien City is coming to you, wherever you are. You can become resident of the city wherever you go. A contribution to the project Virtual Frame by Kunsthalle Wien and 3.


The Half-Life of Art

An installation in memory of Robert Filliou's announcement of "Art's Birthday": a bucket, a radioactive sponge and a light bulb - triggered by the global network. A Geiger-Mueller counter is measuring the radioactivity and streaming it's sound continuously back.. On the occasion of the "Art's Birthday 2004"-celebration by Kunstradio.


Der Schatten der Ideen

This web-art piece presents the dissolution of an image into its own description. The result is a dissoziative cut-up of text-fragments on the very systems, ideas and psychological programmings which brought this image into being. On the occasion of the "graz 2003"-project sinnlos. (German only)


Alien City

An entirely virtual city in cyberspace, its aural and visual appearance composed of elements taken from different cities all over the world. The city is in a hybrid state of constant changes, its shape is a permanent process of morphing between those elements. Every user's visit in Alien City via Internet causes changes - the city alters, grows, is on the move.


Shadows Of The Mind

An acoustic live-interaction with MINDACTOR, an avatar. This piece was inspired by the text "An Action For My Mind" by Milan Knizak. You'll find the avatar still waiting - eager to perform with you a historical action, written in 1968 but never realised. Produced on the occasion of Replay Update, a Kunstradio series.



A webrobot created for MERZmuseum in September 1999. Since then he has been roaming around the WWW collecting images for his never finished Merzbau collage. Visit SchwittBOT, point him to any url you like - he'll be on his way immediately, busy as an artist can be. And just after some moments you'll see the results...



By Rupert Huber and Norbert Math, a multi-layered compositional project for "RadioRevolten" which revolves around a database of statements, interviews and other acoustic imprints of so-called "older people".



Initiated by Heinz Cibulka, Hanno Millesi and Norbert Math. A virtual meeting-point, where contibutions in three different media (photography, text and sound) coexist, and sometimes collide.


Liesl Ujvary

Website of writer, composer and photographer Liesl Ujvary. Including her "Virtual CDs" and more music for free download.


Open Air. A Radiotopia

Database for the project by August Black and Norbert Math. This database, hosted on alien productions' server was the main interface for one of the main global sound-projects at ARS ELECTRONICA 02. Artistic director: Rupert Huber.



By Johannes Sienknecht. A web piece based on a sound installation the artist realised in the rooms of the former concentration camp Buchenwald, GER in 1998. Since then einStimmen has gone through numerous transformations - manifesting in different contexts, places and media. Material for this minimalistic piece is just one sentence - and the human speech in many different languages. It is still a work in progress, developing towards an open web-installation...


geschichtes gedicht

By Heinz Cibulka with texts by Hanno Millesi. A very complex piece of sampling art in the field of visual arts. Heinz Cibulka reworked Austria's 20th century history of art and science on the computer creating four huge panels for an exhibition at Kunsthalle Krems. The website is part of this installation and serves as navigation tool through the contents of the images, providing visitors on site (and now on line) with detailled information about the original sources. A quite different and thrilling view on Austria's newer history. (German only)