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norbert math, foto by heinz cibulka
He studied at the University of Music, Vienna (Electroacoustics). 1998 - 2002 technical and artistic staff at the IEM, University of Music, Graz. Since 2001 curator of Fluss - NÖ. Fotoinitiative. 2005 Artist in Residence at UMAS, Canada. Since 2007 assistant professor at the Nuova Academia di Belle Arti, Milan.
Lives in Vienna.

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2021The Cure of Melancholy;  Sound Installation, electronic music. Kunstraum Nestroyhof Vienna (A)
 IMA15. The Gala. The Video Book;  Music for the Video 2005 - AKA Medley (Sodomka/Math)
 Performing Utopia;  Radio-Opera by alien productions, ORF Kunstradio
2020Klangmanifeste;  moved online to echoraaeume.klingt.org Evolving Narratives, Video
2019Iterations/Operating|Exploitation;  produced by Constant at Bozar Bruxelles (B)
 Award of distinction by the state of Lower Austria for Media Arts (alien productions) 
 metamusic PEEK finale;  installation and concerts with Grey Parrots, exhibition and talks, ARGE Papageinschutz Vösendorf (A)
 Iterations/Collaboration Contamination;  esc medien kunst labor Graz (A)
 Homunculus Box;  installation, Festival The Art of Reproduction IMA St. Pölten (A)
 IMAge-to-poem Service;  online performance, contribution to Art's Birthday 2019, IMA St. Pölten (A), EBU satellite HAYDN, twitter
2018Traktorstrahlen#11 ;  live sound performance by alien productions, Akusmonautikum Traktorfabrik Vienna (A)
2017Sound Art vs. Multimedia;  Ludovit Fulla Gallery Ruzomberok (SK): 8000 Eyes Concept B
 metamusic;  Installation with Grey Parrots, kristallin#45, Salzamt Linz (A)
 4°C;  sound performance, Liquid Music fin2 Wies (A)
2016Dark Sounds in White Nights;  The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg (RU): Public Address To The Inner Ear
2015Höhenrausch 2015. The Mistery of Birds;  main installation on the roof of the OK Linz (A) with 23 parrots, series of concerts and lectures: metamusic (alien productions); sound installation Vogelkino (alien productions)
2014CYNETART Arte Creative Commission (alien productions) 
2013Metamusic;  zoological sound project, ECAS Network and musikprotokoll
 Social Wirtshaus Web;  Intermediainstallationen und soziale Events in einem ehemaligen Wirtshaus, Festival der Regionen OÖ (A)
2012Artists in Residence at European Cities of Advanced Sound Network (alien productions) 
 Biochemische Tischmusik;  For the event Essen mit Tieren, HermannNitschMuseum, (A)
 Tiefensonde;  Installation in public space, [kunstwerk krastal], (A)
 Artists in Residence at kunstwerk krastal, A (alien productions) 
2011Perpetuum Mobile | Airwaves;  Installation
2010Vapor Trails of Europe;  live radio performance
2009Loud Computing;  Performance by Sylvia Egger and Norbert Math, text_ton_tage, Forum Stadtpark Graz, A
 Audiomobile;  Participation at Audiomobile by Matt Smith and Sandra Winter, Social Sound Systems, Bad Radkersburg, A
 Hommage to Béla Hamvas;  Installation and Film by Heinz Cibulka, Sound by Norbert Math, Ligét Galeria Budapest, HU
 Das Radio-Symphonie Orchester Wien spielt den Tarzanschrei;  (alien productions), Orchestra miniature by alien productions for the 40th anniversary of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
 Raptor Reloaded;  Acoustic land art in the vineyard, Viertelfestival NÖ - Weinviertel 2009, Dürnberg Wine Estate, Falkenstein, A, ORF Kunstradio
 Transformator;  DVD, video-documentation of the installation by alien productions (A/I), Martin Walch (FL) and starsky (A)
 VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA release 02;  DVD, Medienwerkstatt Vienna, A: alien productions, Arbeitsmuster
2008LightInSight;  NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo, J: The Thought Projector
 Alien City;  Installation; Gallery of the Austrian Embassy Tokyo, J
 Anerkennungspreis des Landes NÖ für Präsentation und Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Bildender Kunst /Non-Profit Galerien (alien productions) 
 zeitRAUMzeit;  k/haus Vienna, A: Robert Adrian/Norbert Math: Radiation
 zeitRAUMzeit;  k/haus Vienna, A: The Thought Projector
 Ars Electronica 2008;  Landesgalerie Linz, A: The Thought Projector
 Homogenisator;  (alien productions), composition commisioned by repertoriozero, MITO Settembre Musica, Milan, I
 Transformator;  installation by alien productions, Martin Walch (FL) and Starsky (A); Kunstraum Engländerbau, Vaduz, FL
 Radiation;  by Robert Adrian X und Norbert Math; HartWare Medienkunstverein; May 5 - June 29, 2008; Dortmund, D
 Tiefenrausch;  installation; air-raid shelters and OK Center for Contemporary Arts, Linz, A
 Art's Birthday 2008 - Forever Young;  Studio 3, Radiokulturhaus Vienna, A: A Tribute To E.C.
2007X-tended, Medienkunst aus Österreich;  Egon-Schiele-Museum, Neulengbach, A: Fast Word
 Der Gedankenprojektor;  installation by alien productions; solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Graz, A
 Dimensión Sonora/Sound Dimension;  Ed: Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea; San Sebastián, E: alien productions, Small Talk
 liquid music | ortsbilder;  \zentrum. Judenburg, A: XT
 Soinu dimentsioa / Dimensión sonora;  Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, San Sebastian, E: Small Talk
 Transmission;  performance and installation; Viertelfestival Niederösterreich, Walzengravieranstalt, Guntramsdorf, A
 MedienkunstpreisträgerInnen des Landes Niederösterreich 2006;  MuQua, quartier21, Freiraum, Vienna, A
 XT;  (alien productions and Machfeld)
 Arts Birthday 2007;  IMA salon sparkling party, Hainburg, A
 KulturpreisträgerInnen des Landes Niederösterreich 2006;  Documentary Center for Modern Art, St. Pölten, A
 XT;  performance by alien productions and Machfeld; Fotogalerie Wien, A, ORF Kunstradio, Liquid Music, Judenburg, A
2006Crossover III, alien productions und Machfeld;  installations; solo exhibition in the Fotogalerie Wien, A
 Award of the state of Lower Austria for Media Arts (alien productions) 
 RadioRevolten;  Festival on the future of radio, Halle, D
 Radiation;  by Robert Adrian X und Norbert Math; The 8th International New Media Art festival ART + COMMUNICATION 2006: WAVES August 24 - September 17, 2006; Riga, LV
 To Hear Is To See;  Municipial Museum, Györ, HU
 ANDANTE CON FIGURE (nel verso di I.B.);  (with Isabella Bordoni), ORF Kunstradio
 VRNITEV 112_video_minuti;  DVD, Stazione di Topolo / Postaja Topolove: alien productions, La cucina accordata
 Les Mardis de l'art;  cycle des conferénces sur l'art actuel; Université du Luxembourg, LUX
2005ncc - netART community congress;  installation, project in progress; Dom im Berg, Graz, A: The Fast Word
 soused[ka];  Austrian Cultural Forum Praha, CZ: Alien City
 Die wohltemperierte Küche;  cooking-performance with the ensemble die reihe; Tulln, A; in collaboration with jeunesse and musik aktuell
 interfaces – alien productions (A) und Sandor Ajzenstat (CAN);  personal show and installation The Fast Word; Gallery IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna, A
 The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Films;  Symphony Barn, Durham, CAN: The Well-Tempered Kitchen, Canadian Version
 Alien City by alien productions;  Solo Show, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario, CAN
 IMA : opening celebration;  IMA - Institute for Media Archeology, Hainburg, A: Alien City
 To Hear Is To See;  YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto, CAN
 ART'S BIRTHDAY 2005 - permanent creation;  on air-on line-on site performance by alien productions and IFTAF and partners on line; ORFÖ1 Kunstradio, Studio 4, Vienna, A
2004Zwischenraum;  solo exhibition; Galeria Szyperska, Poznan, PL
 Re-Inventing Radio;  Radiokulturhaus Vienna, A
 sused[ka];  Dom Fotografie, Poprad, SK: Alien City
 private-exile;  3 Viennese appartments, Ronacher Vienna; a project by Rupert Huber for Wiener Festwochen 04
 Die wohltemperierte Küche;  cooking-performance series on several locations in the "Weinviertel", Lower Austria; at Weinviertel-Festival 2004
 mobile:home;  interactive installation for UMTS-cellphones; Kunsthalle Vienna, A in cooperation with 3; at Virtual Frame
 The Half-Life of Art;  Installation; at Art's Birthday 04
 alien productions: The Well-Tempered Kitchen;  CD pumpkin records; pump 10-2004
 Arbeitsmuster;  (alien productions), ORF Kunstradio
 Talking Crosswalks;  CD pumpkin records; pump 09-2004 - Production Manager
 Die Gedächtnispumpe;  sound-installation; "TONSPUR", für einen öffentlichen raum / 3 | Erste Bank Arena, quartier21/MQ, Vienna, A
 Die wohltemperierte Küche;  (alien productions feat. Steve Bradley), ORF Kunstradio
2003Listening in the Sound Kitchen 03;  Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ, and The Commons, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Alien City
 Traumlandschaften / Österreichischer Kulturmonat;  Pushkinskaja 10, St. Petersburg, RUS: Alien City
 Radioküchen - Küchenradio;  Aromat Wien, A, Internet, Radio; an event by Ö1 Kunstradio for Juniradio, Berlin
 taste 2-20;  public space, 2nd district, Vienna, A: Embedded Systems - The Mix, installation for 10 modified kitchen blenders
 Dokumentation 1;  Fotogalerie Vienna, A: Alien City
 Hören ist Sehen;  Klangturm St.Pölten, A
 Die Schatten der Ideen;  web-art project; at sinnlos ("graz 2003")
 all you can eat, all you can hear: audio buffet;  (Bradley/Breindl/Math), click 112003, WMBC freeform radio, Baltimore
 The Emptiness between Stars;  performance at Dom im Berg, Graz, A, by e.a.r. (Wolfgang Temmel, Norbert Math) featuring Steven Kuusisto and Otto Lechner
 Alien City;  installation; Kloster UND, Krems, A
 alien productions. Alien City;  DVD; ORF Landesstudio Stmk., ORF Ö1, Zangi Music; ORF DVD 706
2002sasiad[ka];  Galeria Miejska Arsenal, Poznan, and Austrian Cultural Forum, Warszaw, PL: Alien City
 Hören ist Sehen;  Cultural Center Kammgarn – Forum Vebikus, Schaffhausen, CH
 Alien City;  DOM, Moscow, and Moussorgsky Urals State Conservatory, Yekaterinburg, RUS; performance; at Altermedium 02
 Award of the HGV South-Tyrol 
 schwittCD;  CD ORF-CD 291; Norbert Math/Andrea Sodomka, BOTsonata 1st movement/Rondo; BOTsonata 2nd movement/Largo and Huber/Klammer/Math/Sodomka, Finale
 Tempest;  CD tonto; (Math/Zeininger)
 ignorama.at;  internet project by Heinz Cibulka, Hanno Millesi and Norbert Math
 Radiation;  (Adrian X/Math), ORF Kunstradio
 Ars Electronica 2002;  Linz, A; Klangpark, Internet, Open Air - a Radiotopia
 La Cucina Accordata;  performances; Topolò, I; at Stazione di Topolò/Postaja Topolove IX;
2001Digitale Zeiten;  Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, GER: Alien City
 Hören ist Sehen;  ACC Galerie, Weimar, and Klanggalerie im Kultursalon, Berlin, D
 Alien City;  performance and installation; Dom im Berg, Graz, A; at musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst 01
 Alien City;  performance and installation; musikhalle hamburg, GER; at hamburger musikfest
 Judenburger Küchen;  intermedia performance; Judenburg, A; at liquid music - checkpoints
 7th International Festival of Computer Arts;  Gallery Media Nox, Maribor, SLO: Embedded Systems - The Mix, installation for 10 modified kitchen blenders
 Der Takt von Hell und Dunkel;  sound installation; Blau Gelbe Viertelsgalerie, Mistelbach, A
 alien productions – Personale;  Medienwerkstatt Vienna, A
 Tempest;  (Math/Zeininger) ORF Kunstradio
 HEIMAT;  CD pumpkin records; pump 05-2001; e.a.r. (Temmel/Math), Domovina
2000Hören ist Sehen;  Rhizom im Labor, Graz, A
 Bild Rausch;  FLUSS, NÖ Fotoiniative, Wolkersdorf, A
 Decodierung:Recodierung;  Kunsthalle project space, Vienna, A
 Alien City;  intermedia performance; Judenburg; at liquid music - stadtsignaturen
 Memory Loop;  electronic live performance; Generali Foundation, Vienna, A; opening performance at RE-PLAY, Anfänge internationaler Medienkunst in Österreich
 Oir es ver;  Universidad del Claustro de sor Juana, Mexico DF, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Sala de Exposiciones JAI-ALAI, Acapulco and Emisora de la Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, MEX
 Duymak Gormektir;  Austrian Cultural Institute – Gallery Yeniköy, Istanbul, Turkey
 GATEways;  on line - on site - on air project; Vienna, A - Melbourne, AUS - Beograd, YU - Erfurt/Weimar, GER - Vancouver, CAN
 Art's Birthday;  Radiokulturhaus Vienna, A; at Wiencouver 2000 - a Western Front / Kunstradio project
 GATEways;  (alien productions), ORF Kunstradio
 Hören ist Sehen - Oir es Ver - To Hear is To See - Duymak Görmektir;  CD/Catalogue; Vienna, edition ausart; Math/V.A., Schlafradio; Sodomka/Breindl, The Future of Memory
 Sound Drifting, i silenzi parlano tra loro;  Wien, Triton, 2000 (media combination: publication and 2 CDs): Alien Productions, Alien City
 The Judenburg Project;  music performance; Judenburg; at liquid music - stadtsignaturen, e.a.r (Wolfgang Temmel, Norbert Math)
 musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst '96;  CD ORF; MP96 ORF 14: Andrea Sodomka, Diaphonie # 1
1999Autoregulative Räume;  computeraided biofeedbackinstallation; Alpbach, A; at Europäisches Forum Alpbach 1999
 UND II: Klang Kunst Festival 99;  CD Verein zur Förderung Künstlerischer Projekte mit gesellschaftlicher Relevanz, Wiesbaden, D: alien productions, Embedded Systems - The Mix
 Embedded Systems - The Mix;  nstallation for 10 modified kitchen blenders; Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden, GER; at Klangkunstfestival UND II
 Sound Drifting;   generative sound installation; O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst OÖ, A and other locations; at Ars Electronica 99 (with various artists); including the online installation Alien City by alien productions
 2000 minus 3: artspace plus interface;  CD-ROM; Vienna, Triton-Verlag, 1999: alien productions, Embedded Systems
 Wortstaub Partikelwelt. Brainwaveversion;  (alien productions), ORF Kunstradio
 Merzmuseum - SchwittRadio;  Radiokulturhaus Wien, A; bei Wiencouver 2000 - a Western Front / Kunstradio project
1998Immersive Sound;  generative sound installation; Kornmarkttheater Bregenz, A, at Kunst in der Stadt 2 (with various artists)
 Autoregulative Spaces;  computeraided biofeedbackinstallation; ACE Gallery, Los Angeles, USA; at Resistance Fluctuations
 Radio Textures;  telematic live radio event; rhiz Vienna - Ars Electronica Center Linz, A (Sodomka/Bordoni/Math/Huber/Breindl - Stocker/Hörtner/Black)
 Wortstaub Partikelwelt;  computeraided biofeedbackinstallation; Museum der Wahrnehmung MUWA Graz, A
1997Embedded Systems - The Mix;  installation for 10 modified kitchen blenders; Radiokulturhaus Vienna, A; at Recycling the Future 4
 Embedded Systems;  installation for modified household appliances; departmentstore Kastner+Öhler, Graz, A; at 2000-3 artspace plus interface / Steirischer Herbst 97
 Resonator;  (TXTD.sign), ORF Kunstradio
 Recycling the Future I - IV;  documenta X, Kassel, D - Ars Electronica, Linz, A - L'Arte Del Ascolto, Rimini I, Radiokulturhaus Wien, A
 Virtual Feedback;  telematic live radio event; at Recycling The Future 1,Kunstradio at Hybrid Workspace, Orangerie, documentaX, Kassel, GER
 Embedded Systems. Eine Housemusik;  (alien productions), ORF Kunstradio
1996 Die Differenzmaschine, ein event mit einem theaterraum,;  ntermedia theatre; Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, GER; at sonambiente (Breindl/Ganglbauer/Math/Mechtler/Radon/Sodomka/Walz)
 Body Augmentation;  computeraided biofeedbackinstallation; Podewil, Berlin, GER; at Musik und Licht (Sodomka/Breindl/Math)
 Klangkunst: die klang-dokumentation zu sonambiente - festival für hören und sehen;  CD München, New York, Prestel-Verlag; Sodomka/Breindl/Math et al., Die Differenzmaschine
 Bridgeworks;  live radio event; at Rivers & Bridges, Ars Electronica Festival 96, A (Kunstradio All Stars)
 Diaphonie #1;  (Sodomka/Math/Huber), Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst, ORF Zeitton, ORF Kunstradio
 Moving Moments 96 @ Pendel;  internet project by Barbara Doser, Hofstetter Kurt, Norbert Math, V.A.
 Familie Auer;  CD ORF Kunstradio; V.A.
 Die Differenzmaschine. Algebraische Muster;  (Sodomka/Breindl/Math/Mechtler/Ganglbauer),ORF Kunstradio, ORF Zeitton
1995Mreza/Netz;  Video by Barbara Doser, Hofstetter Kurt and Norbert Math
 Horizontal Radio;  telematic radio / network project on over 20 radio stations
 Channel 9;  computeraided biofeedbackperformance; ESC, Graz, A
 Stazione di Bolzano/Bozen;  (Math), RAI UNO, Horizontal Radio Network
 Tosca, chocolate elvis;  EP Vienna, g-stone records, Dorfmeister/Huber/Math, gemma gemma dub
 The History of the Future of Memory;  (Sodomka/Breindl/Math) ORF Zeitton
 Changing Messages Parallel Crossover;  (Doser/Hofstetter/Math et.al.) ORF Kunstradio, Radio of Bosnia/Herzegowina
 redred rosary, mesta et la dista yoma nomi;  LP Warner Chappell Austria; AuMe BRR-95-0005: Sodomka/Math, hide & seek mix
1994Zeitgleich;  Vienna, Triton (CD-ROM and AudioCD): Sodomka/Breindl/Math, Nahe Ferne. Zeitgleich
 Physical Modelling;  for four guitars
 Mreza/Netz;  Telefone Concert in (ex)-Yugoslavia and Vienna, by the project group mreza/netz - Participation, Organisation
 The Future Of Memory; Progetto Civitella d'Àgliano 1994;  CD - concept: Sodomka/Breindl; Norbert Math, Bersaglio, Sodomka/Breindl, Tempo compresso/Spazio sospeso
 Zeitgleich;  Vienna, Triton-Verlag (CD-ROM and AudioCD): Sodomka/Breindl/Math, Nahe Ferne.Zeitgleich
 Nahe Ferne. Zeitgleich 2;  intermediainstallation; Kunsthalle Tirol, Hall, A; at Zeitgleich
 State of Transition;  telematic live radio internet event; Neue Galerie Graz, A – V2 Rotterdam, NL – Internet – ORF Kunstradio; (Breindl/Math/Ryand/Sodomka/Stocker)
1993SCHLAFRADIO;  (V.A.) ORF Kunstradio - concept, production, composition
 Time to Act;  CD Vienna, Aids Info Zentrale; The Aftertouch, What the Fuck
1992Drill;  Intermediainstallation; Offenes Kulturhaus Linz, A; bei Im Raum Schule
 Tapes Of Misery & Imagination;  MC Vienna, The Real McCoy; The Aftertouch, Incense Burning - Kombinat M., 6.th District Castle Magic
 Einfache Freuden;  film by Claudia Messmer
1991Frozen Moments - Ungefähre Wirklichkeit;  (Sodomka/Breindl/Math), ORF Studio Neuer Musik
 The Aftertouch, Masters Of The Light Age;  LP/MC Schwertberg, A, nur schrec!
1989ELAKMU;  CD; HaHaRecords; HAHACD 1015: Math/Guantes, Das Zähneklappern, Andrea Sodomka, Musik für Mordinstrumente

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